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Welcome to Jessica's yummy homemade recipes!

Hi, I'm Jessica, a freshman in college that's writing a food blog on Eastern European recipes. I'm sharing some of my personal recipes along with some family recipes that I have learned along the way. 

My interest in food sparked when I was little and I would bake and cook with my next door neighbor. I distinctly remember baking pumpkin pie with her and remember making homemade whip cream. It was so delicate and sweet. I loved it. I've been cooking ever since but I would say I've been cooking more than 4 or 5 years on and off. Do you remember your first memory of cooking? Was it with your mom or dad or even grandma or grandpa? What did you cook? How did you prepare? If you have not had a memory of cooking quite yet it's never too late to start creating new memories.

Once I was older I began cooking when I was living with my dad and his girlfriend, both of them have shown me some recipes that I have recreated to make my own. My dad distinctly taught me how to make stir fry and his girlfriend has taught me more traditional Eastern European dishes. Now I can fully cook on my own and I can now think of something to make with just a few ingredients in my fridge. I know which flavor can go together, which means my palate is expanding and I'm enjoying figuring it out more and more every time I cook.

I also must say some of my cooking and culinary experience also comes from taking culinary in high school for two years. I absolutely loved my teacher and she inspired me to be creative and made me love cooking even more. I learned to make sauces, soups, meals, garnishes and desserts in this class. My culinary class and teacher helped me to further my culinary experience even more.

Currently I am a hospitality student so I am focusing on the hospitality aspects of food and the food industry and my biggest dream currently is to open up a restaurant or bakery that is warm, inviting, friendly and reminds you of home. I would like to take more culinary classes along the way to improve my culinary experiences, but for now I will keep practicing at home.

I love to cook because it allows me to relax from a busy day and helps me to get away from everything that's bothering me that day. I put all my time and energy into the food and it helps me forget everything else going on around me.

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